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Libro de resúmenes: "1st International Workshop in Sustainable Fisheries and Global Change"

Sustainable Fisheries and Global Change 2021 is an INTERNATIONAL ONLINE WORKSHOP for Fishermen, Stakeholders, Researchers, Managers, Teachers, Students and Citizens concerned about a subject of hot topicality in a worrying Global Change scenario. It is organized by the Research Group on Natural Resources ARENA (University of Oviedo), the Ocean Observatory of Asturias (OMA), the Institute of Biotechnology of Asturias (IUBA) and the University of Oviedo Foundation and is coordinated by Prof. Eva GarciaVazquez, Prof. Yaisel J. Borrell, Prof. Eduardo Dopico and Prof. Gonzalo Machado-Schiaffino and organized by Alba Ardura and Maria Trinidad Pérez (University of Oviedo). The event is sponsored by three different research projects: Ecosifood (, Global Hake ( and Ecomarine ( and also by two International Master Programs: The Marine Conservation Master Degree at University of Oviedo ( and the Erasmus mundus program in Marine Biological Resources (